Are YOU ready to help the Doodles?

Grab a pen or pencil and LET'S GO!


When an alien crash lands outside school an exciting chase begins. Where did the alien go?

Together with Daisy Doodle you CHOOSE the trail which will lead you back to its spaceship. RIP a hole in the page to get inside! Learn to SPEAK alien! DRAW tools to fix the engine!

Once you've helped B'ob the Alien to mend the rip in the side of his spaceship (wonder where that came from?) he takes you to visit his home. Now you must NAVIGATE asteroid fields and FOLD space to make it to his home world.

But not everything is that easy! You've accidentally led an alien army to your home planet - and they're ready conquer it. It's up to you, Daisy, B'ob and some unexpected new characters to save the planet.

Published by Scholastic 7 Jan 2016




Chris is an illustrator, artist and children's picture book author based in Dublin, Ireland. 

In 2011 Chris’s first picture book, The Lonely Beast (Andersen Press), was published in Ireland, the UK, the US and across Europe and went on to win the Specsavers Irish Children's Book of the Year 2011 in the Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards and has been followed by two Beast sequels as well as other picture book projects including his latest picture book TiN and wrote Brian and the Vikings which was illustrated by Mark Wickham.

He has also illustrated Roddy Doyle's children's book Brilliant and collaborated on two books for older children with comedian David O'Doherty called Danger is Everywhere! and Danger is Still Everywhere!

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Andrew trained as an architect in Dublin, Ireland before working abroad in London and Sydney.

When not designing buildings he writes and illustrates short stories and makes comics with his brother Chris Judge. Andrew and Chris’s collaborative work has featured in the arts and culture magazine Mongrel and their monthly comic strip Dystopia ran for more than three years in Totally Dublin magazine.

Andrew’s short story The Illustrator was selected for a prize at the Tubbercurry Literary Festival in 2008 and was later adapted into a comic script which formed part of the Stray Lines anthology produced by Cardboard Press. Andrew lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and two small sons, where he is a director in an architectural practice.

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