Join Daisy and B'ob the alien on a roller coaster ride across the galaxy as you RIP, READ, DRAW, CHOOSE, FOLD, and COLOUR your way to adventure.

You'll need pens, pencils, sticky tape, and a HUGE imagination to help a girl and her alien pal avert a GALACTIC DISASTER!

What happens is up to YOU!

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A BIG thank you to EVERYONE who made it to the launch of our book in Eason, O'Connell St., Dublin.  We had a fun reading, some great drawings by our audience, and some nice CAKE. Thanks to Easons for the fizzy apple juice,  jellies,  and pretzels too. 

Stay tuned for more LIVE shows and signings in the future.


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About the authors:

Chris Judge is an award winning picture book author/illustrator (The Lonely Beast, Tin) and co-author, with comedian David O’Doherty, of Danger is Everywhere. Chris’s work continues to feature in advertising, newspapers, magazines and exhibitions in the UK and Ireland.

Andrew Judge has written and illustrated countless short stories and comics with Chris, including regular features for arts and culture magazines Mongrel and Totally Dublin. Andrew lives and works as an architect in Ireland.

Chris and Andrew are ACTUALLY brothers!

Published by Scholastic UK 2016. Find out more here.


© 2016 Chris Judge and Andrew Judge